Dream a little dream


Amanda Rodriguez, Reporter

Every night when people fall asleep, they dream. These dreams can be about many different things, ranging to anything from flying to falling. These dreams can often also reveal things about us, such as feelings or memories we may be repressing. They can also act as a warning to help us deal with these feelings.

One of the dreams that is very common is a dream about falling. According to Dream Moods Dream Dictionary, a person who dreams about falling may be lacking control and support in their life due to a problem that could be taking over that person’s life. This indicates that this person may need to make some changes in their work or relationships in order to ease their feelings of insecurity.

Another common dream is being chased. This dream, according to Dream Moods Dream Dictionary and Psychologist Ian Wallace in the book The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams,  indicates that the dreamer may need to face their problems and insecurities and acts as a motivator to help encourage them to do this.

Though dreams often signify negative feelings we need to work through, they can also represent the positive emotions in one’s life. An example of this is a dream about flying, which can reveal a feeling of freedom and letting go of problems and situations holding the dreamer back.

Dreams may also reveal subconscious desires. An example of this is dreaming about being in love. This dream could possibly mean that the dreamer is craving acceptance from people in their life, or is lacking love in their life.

Next time you have a possibly strange or particularly significant dream, try to interpret it using dream dictionaries. They could mean and apply more to your life than you may think, which could benefit you in the long run.