Where the Sport Takes You

Allison Gawande, Cen10 News Reporter

Volleyball is a sport that burns a passion in many people. Even if one doesn’t participate in the sport, simply watching can fuel a desire. Those who have carried out with their love for volleyball still include aspects of it in their everyday lives, either by watching, coaching, or even still playing. Cassie Headrick followed her dreams from when she was a little girl to her years in college, and expanded her world with volleyball by coaching.

  The experience for Cassie Headrick began in 2009 when she started to coach and teach at Wester Middle School in Frisco, TX. Headrick continued to work at Wester for six years, and advanced in her profession by continuing onto Centennial High School.

  At CHS, Headrick had goals for not only herself but for her team as well.

  “I wanted to build a better team, experience a more competitive atmosphere, and develop a more personal relationship with the game again,” Headrick said.

   Headrick has been coaching at Centennial now for three years. Recently, a new high school in the district has opened, and she is now working at both Centennial and the new school, Memorial.

  Between working at Memorial and Centennial, the work can get hectic.

  “I start my morning off at Centennial to coach the girls, then run to Memorial during first period to train,” said Headrick.

   The work Cassie Headrick does at Memorial is to train for the upcoming season of volleyball and teaching as well. She has already met the girls and seen their skills, so that way when the season comes, she’s familiar with the group and their abilities.

  “It’s great to see the difference is competition throughout the district,” Headrick said. “I’m excited to see how it plays out on the court.”