Nine-Week Shift


Emily Walker, Co-Editor-In-Chief

For years, schools in our district have used a six-week grading period. However, FISD has decided to shift secondary schools into a nine-week schedule in hopes to better students’ education experience starting in the 2019-2020 school year.

There are a few changes that will happen to the school year. Each school year will have two nine-weeks per semester, with a total of four grading periods for the year. Another change is that IPR (Interim Progress Reports) will still come out every three weeks but now there will be two every grading period before the final grade.

This change in schedule will have no effect on school day length, holidays, or STAAR/other state and national testing.

FISD has stated the reason for this change is to allow students more time to learn the material before they are tested. This will also allow more time and flexibility for teachers to teach lessons and input grades.

Overall, this change is meant to benefit students and create a smoother learning environment.