The Shattered Dreams Story

Emily Walker, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Reckless decisions can impact lives forever. Shattered Dreams is the story of 4 teenagers who lives are forever changed by a few catastrophic decisions. Their bright futures are dulled, their families are scarred, and for some, their hearts are stopped.

Here is thier story:

A high school student is exposed to many stresses, they range from athletic training speeches, to life changing events. Right now, Madison is unaware that her future is about to change forever as she is delivering her presentation.


Madison has been worried about not only getting accepted to her top choice of college, but also how she will pay for it. Nearing the end of the school year her counselor gives her the news that she has been accepted and receiving a full ride. Madison is so excited as she looks forward to opportunity to go to her dream school.


At lunch Madison is re-reading her acceptance letter still making sure it’s not a dream. Her two friends, Max (Left) and Taylor (Right) notice her lack of attention on the conversation and want to know what she’s reading. They snatch it way and immediately read the letter before Madison can protest. Shocked and excited for her Taylor suggest they throw a party.


Taylor is the life of the party as he greets Max and Madison at the front door immediately offering them a drink. Madison takes the cup but Max refuses. The night is full of music, socializing, and alcohol. Madison navigates the party easily and as the night get longer everyone is starting to feel the influence.


The party is going well and Maddison and her friends are sitting on the couch. TJ (right) decides to make things a little more interesting. He brings out GHB, a date rape drug, he took from his cousin and says they should roofie another person at the party. Everyone thinks it would be fun but Max can’t believe Madison would go along with it. When she gets mad at him, Max leaves and heads home. Madison, Taylor, and TJ go ahead with their plan and have the person shot-gun the roofied drink.


As the party ends the group leaves as they decide the need some chicken nuggets. Recklessly they all pile into the car, Madison drives and is clearly under the influence as she swerves around the road and Taylor and TJ argue in the car over music. They pull up to a red light and Max’s car comes into view, but they don’t notice it as they speed though the intersection.


The two vehicles collided in the intersection. All four teenagers were injured.



As police arrive, she was taken from the car as she was the least injured. Despite her abrasions and bruises she was subjected to sobriety tests and was handcuffed.
She was processed and jailed. She had her clothes and belonging taken from her. Her fingerprints were scanned and mugshot was taken. The rest of her night was spent in a jail cell alone with only her thoughts and worries of her friends as she knows she may never see some of them again.



He was not wearing his seatbelt so in the collision he was launch thought the windshield from the back seat. When the police and paramedics arrived they pronounced him dead on impact and then worked to save the others as they waited for the hurst.


The body was brought to the hospital to receive a final examination.



Despite not drinking and driving safely, Max was hit at full speed by his friends car. This flipped the vehicle and threw Max’s head against the windshield. He sustained multiple other injuries. When help arrived he was still breathing and rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Upon arriving to the hospital, doctors did everything they could but where unable to stabilize Max’s condition. The hospital staff informed Max’s parents after they called the time of death, Which was shortly after their arrival.



Taylor was sitting in the passenger seat and when they crashed his legs become trapped underneath the dashboard. After he was pulled from the vehicle he was rushed to the ambulance to treat his severe leg injuries.


At the hospital Taylor received many test and care for his injuries. This reviled serious spinal and bone damage leaving Taylor paralyzed from the waste down. Surgery will revile the further extent of this and begin the road to recovery.


Shattered Dreams is a production put on by the school district in cooperation with other Frisco agencies. The students are actors and the events and injuries portrayed are fabricated. This is done for the education of the school and community to inform them of the dangers of driving under the influence.

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