New Mural Added to Centennial’s School Spirit

As part of an art contest by the Student Council, a new mural was painted across the central F Hall of Centennial High School during this past summer. Painted with the signature of red and blue, the mural depicts three chevron designs pointing upwards and the Centennial Titan’s sword in the center, with the words “Stronger Together” colored across the mural.

Designed and painted by Emma Dixon with the help of other students, the whole process of scaling the design, taping, and painting took about a week to finalize.  Dixon provided Cen10 News with the decision-making process behind the mural.

“I knew I wanted a simple, clean design that was symbolic of the different types and interests of the students and how it’s all woven together as a community,” Dixon described. “I wanted to bring a bright piece of art to our hallways so that’s why we chose those vibrant shades.”

The mural also adds on to Centennial’s school spirit, joining the likes of the Titans logos in the gyms and the painting of the school at the entrance. “The other thing that I considered when making this design was the fact that the school lacked a cool place to take pictures to spread school spirit,” Dixon said. The principal of Centennial, Dr. Maphies, was also asked about her thoughts on the mural and what the message portrayed on the mural means to her.

“I think it’s a timely, sustaining and meaningful message. It’s a message I want to communicate, especially during the current times we’re in,” Dr. Maphies added. “I want the school to be the model for strength in diversity, and I think the message of being stronger together really does that.”