Area 51 and its Unanswered Questions

September 26, 2019

September 21, 2019—Humans have always speculated on the possibility of life outside of Earth. In the U.S., a large part of the theories have the government facility “Area 51” as their center. Everything from movies to video games have been made with plots from UFOs circulating the facility to the government housing aliens and conducting secret experiments on them. Pop culture has been obsessed with Area 51 since the 80s. Only in the last decade has any valid information been disclosed, but unfortunately, they pose more questions than they answer.

No one knows where the rumors started about the secret facility but in the 1990s, employees of the facility came forward with allegations about base. They report having to dump hazardous waste in trenches the length of football fields and then set it on fire. This resulted in toxic fog blowing through the base and employees coming down with skin and lung diseases. In their lawsuit, their biggest difficulty was acknowledging the existence of the base, which the government refused to do on their own. The employees (and their lawyer) sent in pictures of planes going from Las Vegas to Area 51, and even went as far as to offer to drive the judge to a mountaintop and point out the base, but the final straw was the submission Russian satellite photos of the base. While the employees, some of who passed away during the course of the lawsuit, and their lawyer managed to demonstrate that the base was breaking federal law. The government, however, did not disclose what materials were being burned. This meant that the employees never found out what they were sick with. The government also refused to disclose the name of the base. 

Years later, in 2013, the CIA released a report on the base, giving the general public the name of the base, “Area 51” along with a map of the base. The base now also appears on Google Maps at its specific coordinate points, 37°14’06.0″N 115°48’40.0″W. The report also claimed the purpose of the base as a “flight-testing facility.” History of the base according to the report goes back to World War 2 when the U.S. Army Air Corps used the base as aerial gunnery range. 

However, the report answered no questions about what the employees from the ‘90s were doing and what they got sick from, although it could be argued that no one needed to know anymore as all of the relevant employees had passed away. 

For the next six years, Area 51 went to the backburner of everyone’s minds. Until, of course, a certain Facebook event popped up on everyone’s radar (haha, get it, like aliens have radars usually and it was on our radar). Matty Roberts created a Facebook event called, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” and started a movement of people who wanted to “see them aliens” claiming that they could avoid the lethal force that the base typically uses to keep intruders out by “naruto running.” The date of the event was set for Sept. 20, 2019. The event got the attention of millions of people who pledged to attend, but it also got the attention of the U.S. Air Force warning people to stay away. Roberts suddenly had to backtrack on the event, claiming that it had all been a joke to begin with.

However, not everyone got that memo. A little over 100 people showed up at the gates of Area 51 at around 5AM local time on Sept. 20. They had everything that would be expected from alien enthusiasts: tin foil hats, posters demanding the freedom of aliens, and blow up alien dolls. 

Unfortunately, Area 51 kept its secrets safe and sound from the raiders. Maybe next time we’ll get some serious answers.


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