Murder Mystery Production

Hailey Bell, Cen10 News Reporter

Are you a fan of mystery stories? Well you’re in luck! On October 4th and 5th, Centennial High School will be showcasing “Fatal Fifties Affair” a murder mystery production. Food will be provided and ticket prices vary. This show will be filled with action and comedy as well as provide a vintage theme. 

The show is set in the 1970’s and is about the reunion of the old 1950’s sitcom, “Make Way For Winky”. The idea is that the audience will be watching as if they watched the sitcom when it ran back in the 50’s. The TV host Barry “The Hatchet” West interviews the cast and sets the odd, mysterious tone for the whole show with his oddball nature. You’ll soon find out that the clean cut, perfect family isn’t as apple pie as they seem.

There are 14 actors and 15 technicians involved and have been working on this show for a couple weeks now. There is much to be determined about this show including the caterer of the food, costumes, lighting etc etc. But so much work is going into this 150 minute show to insure that it will be perfect. 

When asked about the show, Director Stephanie Ball described it as interactive and wants the audience to know that there is a 1950’s costume contest for the audience, and that there will be a murder mystery clue hunt which grants the winner a prize.

Ball also wants to inform the audience about ticket pricing. It is $5 for a show ticket, dinner and dessert excluded. $10 for dessert and the show, dinner excluded. $25 for dinner, dessert and the show. Tickets will be sold at the door or at this link! 

So if this mysterious murder story sounds of any interest to you, come down to Centennial High School on October 4th or 5th!