Overshadowed Heroes


Being a teacher is a lot of hard work. From curriculum planning to dealing with disrespectful kids, it seems like there’s never a break. But teachers, especially here at Centennial, work their hardest to take what it means to be a teacher and raise the bar to the nth degree. In my experience, I have had multiple teachers who have acted as a mentor for all of their students as well as an outlet we could come to if needed. This small act of kindness actually improves students mental health as we now feel as though we have someone we can trust. Not every student is privileged enough to have an immediate trusted adult by their side; this practice of unconditional emotional support provides for everyone, privileged or not. 

Another simple way teachers provide for all of us students is HOW they teach. All teachers have various ways of teaching, but many also recognize the many learning styles us students may have. I’ve had teachers that allow students to listen to music while getting their work done, sitting on the ground while reading, essentially letting us students learn in the most efficient way possible. This method puts responsibility on the students to respect the teacher so that they can keep their privileges but also allows us to learn the way we deem most effective. Students have come to the realization that teachers are here to help them.

One of my fellow classmates at Centennial, Naya Amin, had a lot to say about what teachers have done for her. They’ve allowed her to “express myself” and “feel comfortable”. She says that “teachers don’t just teach” and that during her time at Centennial they have let her come to them if she needs them. When asked if she had ever came to her teachers when she has had a problem, she responded with “yeah … they’re easier to talk to” and she actually prefers to go to them over her friends, which says a lot about how much she trusts them. She wanted to add that she has “a lot of respect for teachers who go out of their way and want to be a part of their students’ lives”.

With all of this being said, teacher appreciation should become a regular thing. Students here at Centennial may not realize it, but teachers are building us up for the future, and our future is everything. Teachers thrive off of the feedback they receive from us students and just like all of us, appreciate compliments. The next time you see a teacher in the hallway, don’t be afraid to say hello to them or tell them to have a good day. They work because of us, for us, & we should be doing the same.