Titans Helping the Angel Tree


Christmas is a favorite time for many here at Centennial High School, whether it is for spending time with family, or simply just the gifts. People at Centennial also use the Holidays as a time to give to those in need. A popular way for people to do so is through the Angel Tree Program.

The Angel Tree Program is a program that sets people in need up as “angels” People who want to help can adopt them as their angel and buy them items from their Christmas list. This allows people who normally can’t afford to get anything for Christmas to have an opportunity to receive presents thanks to the generosity of others.

For years in the past, teachers at Centennial, with the help of their students, have been raising money for angels all around the area.

“I think it’s important for even high school students to understand that there are people even in an affluent city like Frisco that is not as lucky as we are.” Mrs. Fitzgerald, a teacher at Centennial commented.

On whether people should participate, Fitzgerald said: “It’s important to give back to your community and this is a good way to teach that and also teach empathy.”

The Angel Tree has never failed. Students and teachers are always able to come together and raise funds for angels to get their gifts; one year, Fitzgerald was able to raise over $1000 dollars, getting multiple angels all of the gifts that they wanted that year. Many teachers can report similar donations in different years. Results aren’t being saved from year to year, because although friendly competition encourages people to donate, at the end of the day it’s about helping those who are less fortunate to participate in the same Holiday tradition experience that many others take for granted.

There are many teachers around Centennial that are participating in the Angel Tree program. If you are a student looking to join in the giving spirit, ask your teacher if he or she is participating. It is likely that they are and you can make a small donation that will make a kids year.