Centennial Swim Team: Making a Splash

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Centennial is a school with a lot of different talented groups and teams. One such team is our Cen10 Swim team, who definitely made a splash at the regional swim meet on February 7th and 8th.
Our swim team qualified for state for an impressive five relays and 13 events, including the Girls Medley, Boys Medley, 200IM, 50 Freestyle, 100 Breaststroke, and Girls 400 Freestyle.
Nidhi Kiran, a Junior who competed in the 100 Freestyle and 200 Freestyle events at last week’s meet, has some things about her experience on the team to share.
“I love the environment and the team bonding we get from having practice at 6am.”
Kiran is not the only one on the team who feels this way, and it can be clearly seen that this team has a very special bond.
“The swim team has some of the best people,” Albert Sun, Cen10 Swim Team member, adds.
Although the swim team likes spending time with each other and having fun, they also know how to work hard, especially now, when they are about to compete at the state level, and they have proven this very work ethic with their accomplishments at the regional meet.
Centennial has had three district champions and four school records broken at this last regional meet. The record breakers on the team include Olivia, Travis, Daniela and Boys Medley Ajay, Travis, Alex and Caleb.
“The team is preparing for State by working hard for the next couple of days and tapering few days before state in order fr us to go super fast next Friday and Saturday,” Kiran explains.
The swim team is working hard to represent Centennial well at the State meet, but they are also very proud at how far they have already come.
When asked about his thoughts on the team’s accomplishments so far, Ethan Lau, a Freshman on the team, stated he was proud that “lots of school records were broken and many people made it to state.”
Centennial swim team, we are proud of you and are cheering you on for State!