Trivia Crack Madness

The new app that has got us hooked.

Brandon Anderson and Isaac Joanidis

Trivia Crack is quickly sweeping the nation. It is dangerously addicting, and an aggravating game. WARNING  “Trivia Crack caused me to neglect my college applications, and I learned I don’t know anything about art,” said Jordan Whittle.

UnknownPeople believe it’s addicting for different reasons. Muthuveera Maraimalai suggests that one reason may be “because it makes you feel better about yourself when you are winning.”

With the time running down and having to answer the most random trivia question to beat your friend, this game can’t get anymore interesting. Usually people of older generations aren’t into the new games and apps, but this game has attracted people from all ages, and walks of life. From a teacher’s perspective, Carol Gross said “it’s a good way to keep in touch with students while on medical leave.” Trivia Crack is capturing peoples attention with its fun and educational format and its different categories such as sports, geography, history, entertainment, science, and art. Some people, like Nick Jackson, believe that  “we Unknown-1should upload our reviews for school on Trivia Crack.” Probably the only reason that it may get on your nerves, besides missing a question, is if, according to Abbey Cumnock, ” people resign just because their losing! #notcool…”

If you want to experience the app of the year, go to