Kids Teaching Kids

Mrs. Hooten’s Introduction to Culinary Arts class helps with cookbook for Medical City Children’s program

Mireya Saldana, Reporter

Kids Teaching Kids is a program at Medical City Children’s Hospital where they promote healthier choices for little kids. The program goes to a different high school every year for the culinary students to create recipes for the annual cookbook. This year, Kids Teaching Kids is going to eight different school districts to create the first ever North Texas cookbook. One of our Centennial’s Introduction to Culinary Arts classes has been chosen to represent FISD.

Mrs. Hooten’s 3A Introduction to Culinary Arts students have been assigned the amazing opportunity to make snacks for the Kids Teaching Kids program. The students in her class will create a fun snack for elementary aged kids.

But this is no ordinary snack that little kids are used to having. The snack MUST be healthy and MUST be under these requirements: >200 calories, >7 grams of fat, >2 grams of saturated fat, <2 grams of fiber, >15 grams of sugar, and <1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables. The recipe must be easy enough for a 4th grader to make, and cannot require a stove/oven or any sharp utensils.

The top recipes chosen will be taken by the dietitian, Jill Elliot, who will go to restaurants in the North Texas area for chefs to choose snacks to create into recipes for their own kids menu. On Sept. 10th, judges from FISD will come in and taste the creations the students have made. After the demonstrations, the judges will take each snack to Curtsinger Elementary for a group of students to pick the best 2 fruit snacks and the best vegetable snack. The cookbook will be released sometime early next year.