AP Art 3D

Kelsey Mansfield, Staff Reporter


We often focus on sports, band and theater but what about some other classes that work just as hard. I went to the AP Art 3D class and got a closer look on what you don’t see when passing by the showcase of sculptures.

If you already have seen the Cen10 News which this was featured on don’t click away. The video that is linked has some exclusive content that has not yet been shown.

The AP Art 3D class only consists of three students, Leah Richardson, Annaleise Gray and Dolly Mantle. The three have grown really close because of the size and characteristic of how the class works. While working they bounce ideas off of each other and can inspire one another with a whole new piece.   

I went and sat in on the class while they were working on their plaster sculpture project  “It’s actually the first subtractive carving technique any of us have ever done” Richardson said. The project starts off by using milk jugs as a mold to pour plaster in. Once it has set for a while and hasn’t harden they use hammers, carving knifes, and other equipment to sculpt their idea. “Once you take something off you can’t put it back on, so if you take off too much you have to change your whole design.”

Annaleise comments, “For people that really want to express themselves and challenge themselves, I definitely recommend this class, it’s a lot of fun and definitely different.”