Return of the Titans

Mitchell Gregor, Cen10 News Reporter

This year, our high school is implementing a brand new program called Return of the Titans. The whole basis of the program is to bring back former Centennial High School alumni school to talk in front of the current seniors about their experiences with college so far.

Cen10 News Reporter Deborah E. Bartruff caught up with three participants: Benjamin Braudrick, Nick Baril, and Alex Geringer to ask them about their experiences and any advice they have for future college students.

Benjamin Braudrick and Nick Baril sit down while being interviewd
Mitchell Gregor
Benjamin Braudrick and Nick Baril sit down while being interviewed
Alex Geringer tells his experiences of being in College.
Mitchell Gregor
Alex Geringer tells his experiences of being in College.

“What I didn’t take advantage of in high school was studying…although I made good grades…I needed to learn how to study.” Baril said.

He also told us of how he neglected to study his syllabus at the start of his freshman year, and unfortunately paid the price as his grades suffered.

“It was a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment,” Baril said. “I needed to learn how to properly study in order to make good grades.”

Benjamin Braudrick tells us about the application process.

“An important thing to remember when applying would be the cost efficiency. So what are you paying, for what you’re gonna get,” he said.

“Weigh out your pay for what your benefit is going to be, because you’ll find connections no matter where you go,” Braudrick said.

And finally, Alex Gerringer tells us how he wished he learned to take a class properly.

“High school was really easy for me, I would just show up, take the tests and do the worksheets, and I didn’t put a lot of effort in,” Geringer said. He advised students to take the time to learn how to study for a test.

Each and every one of the returning Titans had a lot of useful and brutally truthful advice for the Seniors, This program will most likely be held for many years to come, and it will continue to help all students who attend Centennial.