When’s lunch?

Kayla McCullough, Cen10 News Reporter

During the four years spent in high school, most Centennial students will have the opportunity to experience each lunch at least once. Most people have a lunch that they prefer over the others, but which one is the favorite? And why?

After surveying 100 students from various lunches, there was a clear winner.


The least popular lunches were C and D tied at 21%, A lunch came in second at 26%, and B lunch came out on top with 32%.

Many students had similar reasons for preferring B lunch to the other lunches.

“I like B lunch because it’s right in the middle of the day,” Centennial junior Will Raines said. “It’s not too early so where you’re still full from breakfast, but you’re not starving either.”

Even Principal Randy Spain prefers B lunch.

“I like B lunch because it’s the smallest lunch,” Spain said. “It has the least number of kiddos to supervise and pick up after when they don’t pick up their own food.”

However, not all students prefer B lunch. Rachel Perkins, senior, prefers A lunch.

“I like A lunch because that means I get my lunch as soon as possible, and then band doesn’t start until 1:00,” Perkins said.

There are those that prefer C lunch.

“I think C lunch is the best because you get an hour of class and then you go to lunch,” senior David Holmes said. “After lunch, you only have thirty minutes left in class and you have time to do your homework. With other lunches, you eat, maybe get lethargic, and then go back to class.”

There are many different opinions on Centennial’s lunches. Which lunch is your favorite?

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