All the Little Lies

Rachel May, Reporter


A single spotlight shines on a couple, and the audience watches as the boy drives a knife through the girl’s heart and leaves her to struggle, helpless and alone. This year instead of the usual annual Senior Shorts, plays directed only by senior theater students, the theater teachers decided to open up the competition to all students.

One underclassman who was given this opportunity is sophomore Montse Gonzalez. Gonzalez wrote, casted, and directed her play, All the Little Lies.

The story follows Averly (Christine Milich) through her rocky relationship with Dax (Connor Cusick). The two characters have their subconscious selves following them around to act out their inner feelings, played by Sami Sloane and Cole Lyons. Throughout this emotional story, we watch as Averly gets her heart broken, rebuilt, then broken again. An “anxiety group” (Madison Nevarez, Sarah Younts, Josie Rodgers, Lexi Lindsay, Kaitlin Cusick, and Christine Espinosa)  plays out how the heartbreak causes Averly to start having anxiety and panic attacks.

Gonzalez said she wrote this story based on a past relationship she had recently gone through. She said writing the story and constantly watching it being acted out, from table reads, to rehearsals, to the show, helped her in getting over the relationship. IMG_3400 copy

All in all, the show was a beautiful story that was able to connect with many of the students who watched it.