PSAT Reminders

Sorna Taghizadeh, Cen10 News Reporter

As many of you know, on Oct. 19, sophomores and juniors will partake in the PSAT.

The PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program for students in the 11th grade. It is also a tool that helps students become familiar with the SAT exam and its format. The PSAT will help identify academic areas that need improvement and help identify appropriate test-taking strategies.

Centennial High School will provide calculators on test day to 11th graders only.  10th grade students are encouraged to bring a scientific or graphing calculator. However, math problems can be solved without the use of a calculator.

Students will be asked for some personal questions such as:

  • Academic subjects taken or planned for this year
  • Grade Average – Can give estimate
  • College Major – whatever most interests them
  • Highest level of education of your parent/guardian

Important Information

Please make every effort to avoid scheduling appointments on this day. There is no make-up day for this test. Also, students arriving at school after 9 am will not be allowed to test.

Freshmen  and seniors will participate in a rotation of activities on this day.

Testing rosters have been posted around the school to 

We will resume our regular afternoon classes, including CTE classes after testing concludes. CTE buses will be picking up students for 3rd period at 1:15 pm.

Important review before taking the test: