From Rally to Reality


Laura Nicolescu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

“Make America Great Again” has been everywhere we look for the past year or so, a slogan that eventually worked to persuade voters to chose Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th president. Many are surprised at the outcome, as according to USA Today, Trump is the first person elected president with zero government or military experience.

As an outsider and non-establishment candidate, Trump won over Americans who felt neglected in the past eight years, and those who would like to see the country move toward the “right” direction—meaning back to Republican, conservative values.

As a Republican, junior Lindsay Nellis says going back to such values are the reason she is supporting Trump.

“I definitely see our country turning back toward the conservative values that it used to possess, especially since our country has skewed so far left these past eight years,” Nellis said.

However, being an open Trump supporter hasn’t been easy for Nellis.

“I’ve experienced hate comments from people on social media and even in person because I support Trump,” Nellis said. “I think it’s because America has gone so long being a liberal country and has tried so very hard to teach our youth the left-wing ways, so when someone comes out against the norm, it isn’t taken correctly.”

She says Trump’s “say it like it is,” attitude is what drew her, and many people across America, to support him.

“The new approach Trump takes with America and the fact that he says what he really means is unlike most politicians,” Nellis said. “He doesn’t have any ulterior motives when talking to America. He’s real.”

Despite recently taking a less strict stance on some of the policies he plans to enact as president, Nellis predicts Trump will stay true to his word.

“I think Trump will stand with what he promised during the election,” Nellis said. “That goes back to the fact that he’s real and upfront with the American people.”

Trump’s many scandals have overshadowed the political atmosphere in this election and drew the attention away from the issues at hand. However, Nellis says everyone makes mistakes.

“When compared to the things that Hillary Clinton has done, Trump’s scandals are incredibly small,” Nellis said. “And we can’t forget the fact that Trump has publicly apologized for these so-called scandals.”

Spotlighting Trump’s scandals, the media also played a major part in presenting Trump to the American people in this election.

“The way the media treated Trump was very unfair,” Nellis said. “Most of the highly recognized media is completely liberal, so it showed the world only the bad things about Trump. In some cases things about him were blown way out of proportion and that goes back to the media’s role.”

Nellis also agrees with the electoral college system that was the decider in this contentious election.

“The electoral college is very fair,” Nellis said. “I agree with the process, and I’m glad the presidency isn’t based on the popular vote.”

However, many people across the country oppose Trump’s election as president and are making their feelings known through a variety of protests. Nellis says such protests won’t change anything, and hopes to see the country unite behind Trump.

“Complaining about the election outcome won’t do anything, and hating on someone definitely will only make things worse,” Nellis said. “It’s time for the American people to support and respect President-elect Donald Trump.”