District UIL Results

District UIL Results

Sorna Taghizadeh and Ashley Hilton

This past weekend Titan students participated in Academic UIL, where CHS won sweepstakes and took first in the district competition!

Below are the remarkable individual and team results.


Computer Applications Coach:
Casey Weghorst

William Prevost (5th place)

Computer Science Coach:
Eric Bockler

2nd place team

Emily Peterson (3rd place, advances to regional)

Nick Isom (4th place)


Eric Bockler
Computer Science Students Nick Isom and Emily Peterson prepare for UIL

Journalism Coach:
Laura Kline

News Writing: Laura Nicolescu (1st place, advances to regional)

Feature Writing: Laura Nicolescu (1st place, advances to regional)

Headline Writing: Laura Nicolescu (4th place)

Laura Kline
Cen10 News Co-Editor-in-Chief places 1st in both News Writing and Feature Writing and 4th in Headline Writing!

Literary Criticism Coach:
Tracy Webb

2nd place team

Elise Lively (4th place)

Math Coach:
Courtney Smartt

2nd place team

Jason Zhu (1st place)

Rhythm Garg (4th place)

Number Sense Coach:
Courtney Smartt

Number Sense: Rhythm Garg (3rd place, advances to regional)

Ready Writing Coach:
Tracy Webb

Ilma Zamarud (4th place)

Laura Nicolescu (6th place)

Science Coached:
Tammy Turner

2nd place team

Jeffrey Bao (5th place composite, 2nd place physics, advances to regional)

Tammy Turner
Science Team

Social Studies Coach:
Shannon Rosenfeld

3rd place team

Chris Green (5th place)

Ben Whisman (6th place)

Shannon Rosenfeld
Social Studies Team. Pictured left to Right: Priscilla Villalobos, Ben Whisman, Chris Green, Adrian Jeyakumar

Speech Coach:
Kristina Compton

2nd place team

Lincoln-Douglas: Ally Dunford (2nd place, advances to regional)

Lincoln-Douglas: Gary Frankel (5th place)

Prose: Taylor Carmichael (6th place)

Poetry: Lucas Moulden (3rd place, advances to regional)

Poetry: Shilpika Pandey (4th place)

Informative: Gary Frankel (1st place, advances to regional)

Informative: Daniel Chung (4th place)

Persuasive: Brian Lee (1st place, advances to regional)

Persuasive: Ally Dunford (2nd place, advances to regional)

Persuasive: Peter Chung (4th place)

Spelling and Vocabulary Coach:
Tracy Webb

2nd place team

Arlinda Chen (2nd place, advances to regional)

Erica Rebello-Diaz (5th place)