Is This the End of the World?


Trinity Brassfield

Damage from Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.

Emily Walker, Cen10 News Reporter

Disaster after disaster, storm after storm, death after death. It seems like every time I click to open the news app on my phone my eyes are assaulted with the latest in natural tragedies. Shocked by the sheer number and timing it leaves me with only one thought in my mind, this has got to be the end of the world.

Harvey, Irma, possibly even Jose smash into the U.S. coasts. 62 large fires scorching nine western states. Earthquakes shaking Mexico. Floods covering India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. So many catastrophic events all over the world.

While it’s reasonable to have high emotions about these events, some people have taken it to a childish level with the argument ‘my tragedy is bigger than your tragedy.’ People seriously arguing about what situation is worse: floods or fires? Hurricanes or earthquakes? Suffering is suffering no matter where it takes place.

But looking past these petty arguments there are real emotions of fear and hopelessness and these feelings are not isolated to the locations where tragedies occur. They travel to places threatening our friends and family or even strangers who are put in harm’s way and leave us here feeling incapable of helping, just waiting, refreshing the news, eyes peeled for any kind of change.

But these natural disasters don’t need to be the calling card to the Earth’s demise, but rather it should be the coming together of humanity. After every disaster, there is always help and after the news of the storm, there is news of the aid being rushed into the people’s lives whose world really have changed forever.

So no, the world is not ending, these tragedies test both in our personal lives and in our nation and world, but these tests will just make us stronger as a collective. When we take the fear we have and turn it into action to help in whatever ways we can, whether it be volunteering, giving, or even just educating yourself and others about these events. There is no need to wait for the capital or some kind of bat signal to call you to action. In times where so many people are in need, find a way to help and do it!