Book bunnies to ‘reel’ rabbits

Ixchell Ibanez , Cen10 News Reporter

These lovable rabbits make almost anyone say, “Aww.” The recent movie Sony and Columbia Pictures have produced based on the children’s book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, have received several mixed reviews and even boycott.

The film Peter Rabbit takes place after the events of Potter’s books, where the protagonist Peter, his three sisters and cousin are in constant battle with their arch nemesis Mr. McGregor, who goes all out in attempting to keep the rabbits out of his garden and life.

I was looking forward to watching the film, and I must say I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind watching it again. This film is perfect to watch with family, though many would argue this is better off just for younger audiences; high schoolers may not even think twice about watching such over-energetic movie with friends. But I would disagree, as being a high schooler myself I really enjoyed the humour and plot throughout the 100 minute runtime.

Now, although I did enjoy the movie that doesn’t mean I would automatically give it a five-star rating. While I did have a few laughs at certain scenes the movie did lack some emotion and tranquility. Throughout the movie the viewer is forced to watch chaotic mayhem, more than you would expect. And when the film shifts to a more serious, sad topic the tone doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect. But that’s more of the writer’s fault, because the actors did splendid!

Domhnall Gleeson’s (Mr. McGregor) acting was once again proven great. I’ve seen multiple movies where he starred in (such as the new Star Wars trilogy) and he did just as well. His portrayal of an over perfectionist employee at a department store changes drastically to a livid enraged man wrecking havoc throughout the movie. It’s made me laugh, you don’t usually see a grown man have a tantrum at his work.

James Corden who voiced McGregor’s sole enemy Peter, did a pretty good job as well. Corden, known for his night show The Late Late Show with James Corden, made the little rabbit an enthusiastic charming animal. I don’t personally know Corden’s previous work, but from what I got he did a decent job voice acting.

The entire cast did a fantastic job, it really shows the amount of effort and dedication put into the film. So it is a shame that a boycott is happening to all the actors and staff’s hard work. Why? Blackberries. Yes, you heard correctly, a fruit. In one scene, the lovable rabbit gang is in a battle with McGregor and are using slingshots to throw nearby fruits at him. Knowing McGregor is allergic to the berry, the rabbits began to hit him with it, landing a perfect shot inside his mouth. Immediately McGregor has an allergic reaction and has to inject himself with his EpiPen.

The theater erupted in laughter as I sat in my seat, little kids enjoying the scene in front of them. I was shocked parents began to boycott the movie, saying food allergies are no such thing to take lightly. Many believed the scene persuaded kids to use someone else’s allergies as a weapon, others completely shocked a medical condition was being used as humour, or mocked.

I found it appalling, just a small five-minute scene was enough to keep parents from showing their children an innocent PG movie? I understand allergies are serious, but in no way did the movie try to offend anyone. The cast, as well as Sony had to apologize for the scene since so many parents were disappointed.

But alas, Peter Rabbit was a cute, funny, Easter-feeling movie that would keep many of its viewers entertained. And in all honesty, it should’ve beat its opponent Fifty Shades Freed at opening box office.