The Benefits of Classical Music

Ixchell Ibanez , Cen10 News reporter

With today’s music consisting of rappers and pop stars, many forget about the traditional music played back in the 18th and 19th century. There is nothing wrong with listening to Kodak Black or Ed Sheeran, but what people don’t seem to know is the importance and impact of classical music in our daily lives.

The classical genre is the foundation of music, the building block of all styles and forms of what we hear today. So why isn’t it played a lot more compared to recent music?

For one, many people prefer to hear actual words, singing, rather than a bunch of stringed instruments playing in unison. Another reason is that the classical genre isn’t very appealing to many young adults. It’s a shame really, especially with all the benefits that come with listening to classical music.

A study conducted by Oxford University in England, has found that just listening to classical music has the capability of decreasing a person’s blood pressure. But listening to other genres such as rap, pop, or techno actually raises one’s blood pressure.

And if you tend to have poor memory, try listening to Mozart. Researchers in Sapienza University, located in Rome, had found results that Mozart’s music is able to activate neuronal cortical circuits which are, in simple terms, electrical circuits in our brains that deal with our senses. In the study they were able to conclude that patients who listened to Mozart remembered topics more when compared to other artists in the same genre such as Beethoven. That is because Mozart’s music has a certain repetition of its melodic line which doesn’t distract the listener.

Furthermore, in this day and age where sleep seems to be almost impossible, classical music is here for the rescue! Yes, classical music can indeed improve your sleep just by listening to it for about 45 minutes before going to bed. Case Western Reserve University conducted the experiment and received results that playing classical music before going to bed can give longer sleep hours, increase sleep efficiency, and keeping one’s sleep deficiency to a minimum. Although this experiment was tested on senior citizens who complained about lack of sleep, this could potentially help other age groups as well.

As classical music seems to slowly lose its popularity among young adolescents, many should keep an open mind about its benefits and how it could potentially make one’s life easier. An article posted on gives an infographic, as well as more facts on the benefits of playing and listening to classical music. Next time you feel tired, or want to remember a certain subject, make sure to tune into some classics.