Mrs. Renzenbrink Says Goodbye To Centennial


Olivia Potter

Rheanne Renzenbrink is winding down her last days as a Centennial Titan. Renzenbrink will be at Memorial High School in the all.

Olivia Potter, Journalism 1 Student

Teachers come and go. However, there are always those special teachers that have the gift of making learning fun. For current students of that teacher, the loss will be a big one.

Rheanne Renzenbrink an English teacher and co-sponsor for Student Council at Centennial High School reveals why she decided it was time to leave Centennial and begin a new journey at upcoming high school, Memorial.

“I will begin teaching at Memorial this fall,”  Renzenbrink said.

Mrs. Renzenbrink will be teaching Pre-AP English I and on-level English III. She will also continue to sponsor Student Council at Memorial. She said she is most excited to open a new campus and help contribute to the building of a strong school culture. Renzenbrink has made a huge impact on Centennial in all the years she has worked here.

“In all honesty, it would have been easier and more comfortable for me to remain at Centennial,” Renzenbrink said. “However, in order to grow as a person and educator, I decided I needed to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Change has never been easy for me, but the chance to open a new school and to be a part of Memorial was just too big of an opportunity to pass up!”

Renzenbrink’s main goal for teaching at Memorial next year is to build a sense of community between the students and faculty, she wants to help make Memorial a place that people WANT to be at and are genuinely excited to attend.

“My favorite thing about teaching at Centennial has been the relationships, and connections I have made with my students,” she said. “It sounds cheesy, but they’re the reason I do what I do!”

She reveals to us that she will definitely miss her students and co-workers the most. She describes one of her favorite memories that took place at the Homecoming pep rally this past fall. After stepping out onto the court for (what she thought) was the presentation of crowns and sashes for homecoming royalty, her student council officers and co-sponsor, Mitchel Reeder, surprised her by singing “happy birthday” – the whole crowd ended up joining in by the end! She said it was an “incredibly touching and humbling” way to kick-off her birthday,

Renzenbrink left some final words for  her students.

“I want students to know that they are so much more than their grades and academic performance,” she said. “I have genuinely enjoyed my time at Centennial, and it’s all because of them!”