How to Support Small Businesses During the Pandemic


Tim Mossholder

Window of a small business

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- The last year has been tough on almost all of us, and events such as COVID-19 have really disrupted the normal way of life for many. Several people have been affected by the recent pandemic, particularly small businesses. Small businesses are highly essential and play a key role in communities all across the world, and they have truly been hit hard by COVID-19. Several small businesses are struggling during this time, but there are still plenty of ways to help and support them.


1. Shop local

When you need to purchase necessities, try to shop from local businesses, instead of buying from big chain companies. Local businesses are essential to the economy, and buying from them fosters growth and creativity within the community. Remember to stay safe and take the necessary precautions, and take advantage of the business’s online shop if they have one.

2. Order delivery or takeout

Many restaurants now have new curbside pickup and delivery options that allow them to continue serving their customers during the pandemic. Order in from a small restaurant if you’re ever not in the mood to cook! By doing so, you will be able to support a local small business while enjoying some delicious food all at the same time!

3. Write good reviews

Leaving positive reviews of the small businesses that you had a good experience with will foster new sales for the business. Letting others know the positive aspects of the business will draw more customers and help small businesses out, especially during this tough time.

4. Share on social media

If you cannot afford to support small businesses financially, there are still other ways to show your support! Interact with their posts on social media, and share so that other people can see them too. This will cost you nothing but a few clicks, but will help small businesses substantially by attracting new potential customers and more overall business.

5. Spread the word

In addition to utilizing social media, recommending a small business that you had a positive experience with will also help them out. New recommendations will not only draw in new customers but will also make the business more known in the community.

6. Be understanding

We are in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, and small businesses are really struggling. Many of them have been pushed to either temporarily, or even permanently close. Each business is using a different approach to try to do what is best for them at the time. Be understanding, and realize that they are truly trying their best to provide you with the highest quality of service possible.


Even though it may not seem like a big deal, your help means a lot to small businesses. Do your best to help out and to show your solidarity. Your support truly goes a long way.