The Sound of Appreciation

Katie Linn, Reporter

Every year, on the morning of the last Friday before the Winter Break, the Titan Percussion hosts an appreciation breakfast in the rotunda for the teachers and staff members here at Centennial. This tradition began five years ago when Percussion Director, Chad Wallace, decided that his students needed a semester ending concert to work towards after they were done with their football season music. He decided that they were going to host a concert separate from the rest of the band that teachers could enjoy.

Starting at 7:45 Friday December 19th, the percussion students began playing holiday themed ensembles as teachers and staff filed into the rotunda to enjoy the music and breakfast made available to them. The ensembles ranged from soft, classic pieces, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” to peppy twists on holiday-associated songs like “Jingle Bells” and others. To prepare for this, section leaders are assigned to each piece and students rehearse during class and practice individually at home. After over a month of getting ready, the percussionists performed 18 ensembles for the onlooking teachers.

This year went a little differently than previous years, however. Word about this tradition got around to the employees of the Administration Building here in Frisco, and they invited the percussion to perform for them after the initial performance at Centennial. Packing up a semi, and loading onto a bus, they traveled to the Administration Building and set up their equipment in the large glass lobby. After they played their selections of music for the administration workers, they repacked their semi and went to play at Curtsinger Elementary. The kids there enjoyed the upbeat tunes performed for them.