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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

An Academic Evolution Coming Your Way!

Archana Ravindran
Sritan Bhumireddy looks over the course catalog and the slideshow provided by Centennial.

FRISCO, TEXAS – In the labyrinth of educational choices, students carefully map out their academic journey. Some will take more advanced classes to get a more fast-paced learning experience, while others will take on-level classes so that they can have a calmer work environment. While both are different levels, they could be the same course, like Geometry or Biology. But, as talk of the 2024-2025 school year approaches, it beckons a pivotal moment in the journey of academic exploration. 


For next year, the course PreCalculus Advanced will be dropped, and replaced with APPre Calculus. For the past couple of weeks, students have been discussing the changes, concerned for their future. This has sparked a mixed reaction from the student body, especially those who plan on taking PreCalculus next year.


Vishuddi Makeshwar, a sophomore, shares her thoughts on the topic. 


“I feel like it creates a disadvantage for people who want to be somewhere in the middle. I think there could be a lot of reasons why others wouldn’t want to take the AP course, like paying for the test or having a harder class in general.”

Many students feel as though they have been forced to choose between an AP or an on-level. This choice is something a lot of students feel would affect their future. For example, sophomore Sritan Bhumireddy expresses his concerns for his Junior year.


“Since Junior year is super important, then how will this affect how well I can study for things like the SAT when I’m worried about AP PreCalacus,” Bhumireddy says. 


On the other hand, some students don’t mind the change. They find the course change to be something that they can look forward to. Sophomore Aaheli Patel says her thoughts. 


“At first I was a little worried about how things would turn out. But then I heard that AP PreCalacus is around the same difficulty as advanced PreCalacus. And I think it is a good way to challenge students in math.”  


Regardless of these changes, Centennial has an amazing staff that is more than willing to help students who have questions. To contact them, find your counselor’s email and then send them an email with your questions. You will get a super informational response.

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About the Contributor
Archana Ravindran, Reporter
Hi! I'm Archana! I'm a sophomore this year, and  I love reading, writing, and sewing! I'm the co-president of the Centennial Book Club, and a member of HOSA, Colorguard, Winterguard, and Choir!