Frisco Community Parade

Laura Nicolescu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The Frisco Community Parade took place on Saturday, Nov. 7. Citizens of Frisco and beyond showed up to mark Veterans Day and celebrate community pride.

Attractions of the parade included Frisco fire and police vehicles, the Frisco fire clowns, the Frisco Recycling Team and floats and marchers from various civic and youth groups. Sports teams F.C. Dallas and the Texas Legends were also represented.

Banners carried proudly in front of floats or marchers represented a win for Most Creative Float, Best Theme Related Award, FISD Spirit Award or Mayor’s Award.

Prominent members of Frisco, such as Police Chief John W. Bruce, City Council members, members of the FISD school board, the Mayor’s Pro Tem and of course, Mayor Maher Maso, also made appearances.

The parade, originally a homecoming parade when Frisco was home to one high school, featured all of Frisco’s high schools represented by their band, cheerleaders, homecoming royalty, color guard, dance team and football team, with Centennial being the second to march.

Veterans were honored with a parade of cars and a distribution of American flags.

Candy was a recurring sight, as almost each parader had some to give out to nearby spectators.

Overall, the parade offered a great time for Frisco’s citizens to take pride in their community and honor our veterans.