Make Your Space at Maker Space

Micah Crayton, Reporter

Lately, Centennial has been given a way to bring out everyone’s creative side.

Librarian Tammy Turner was granted about $3,166.89 as a dollar grant by the Frisco Education Foundation to help out the library. The money was spent to form the new Maker Space in the front of the library. One of the most featured items was a new 3-D printer! Some classes will be able to use the 3-D printer in certain classes. Also, there are robots, a microscope that uses your Iphone or Android, and a green screen that will help you make a project or just have fun.

The mindset behind the Maker Space was to bring out everyone’s creative ideas and have fun while being challenged.

“Every 2-3 weeks the library will put out a challenge with some of the items provided by the grant so you can try a new challenge, and you can request to use some of the robots and tools before and after school,” Turner said.

Check out the Maker Space in the library soon!