Take the Happiness Advantage Challenge


Laura Nicolescu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Frisco ISD is inviting the entire community to participate in the 21-Day Happiness Advantage Challenge starting April 3.

The process is simple and possible to do during out daily routines. The key is developing these habits by setting a routine and following through.

The five steps are:

  • Write down three things you’re thankful for each day.
  • Keep a journal about something positive that occurs each day. 
  • Send an email or text thanking or praising someone in your social support network.
  • Exercise at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Observe quiet time for five minutes each day. Let your mind relax or meditate/pray.

Benefits of this challenge include increased motivation level and productivity and decreased burnout, anxiety and depression.

For years, the Frisco ISD Guidance and Counseling Department has worked to meet the emotional, social and physical needs of students and build a positive climate on each campus. Numerous programs and activities – from school-wide events and assemblies to district-level initiatives such as bullying prevention training – are designed to help students get connected, become more understanding of others and cope with challenges. 

Most people have read about or studied humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and in Frisco, a fairly-affluent society, many people have their basic needs met. But happiness continues to elude many, especially teenagers who may suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence in our society of improbable standards. This challenge can help with depression and negative thoughts and feelings by focusing on introspection to increase overall happiness. 

Join in the challenge, Titans, and get happy!