Safer Schools


Emily Walker, Cen10 News Reporter

All over the nation schools are debating about what measures need to take place to better the safety of schools.  Approximately 30 students from every Frisco high school were selected to represent their campus ambassador program at a security council to help improve the safety of our schools. This student security council was formed to review policies and procedures already used within FISD and what new ideas could further promote safety on campuses. The first meeting was on April 25.

The purpose of this meeting was primarily focused on the effectiveness of programs in place within FISD already. There are many that are obvious to students:

  • SRO officers on all high school campuses
  • Visible police cars
  • Controlled access points
  • Lockdown drills
  • Active shooter training for all teachers, staff and substitutes
  • Access to all school camera from the front office

There are also some procedures in place that are lesser known about.


This program is available in all police and fire vehicles to help when there is an emergency.  Whenever an emergency responder receives a call of a crisis at a school, with this program, all the school’s access points, maps, or hazards are instantly transmitted. This helps better responses to emergencies on campus.

Unannounced Campus Security Check

A member of the FISD security team will travel to a campus to see how easily they can enter the campus without going through the main doors. First, they conduct a perimeter check to see if any doors are unlocked or propped open. If none of the doors are opened then they knock to see if any students will let them into the building. If they are able to enter the building then they will make there the way to the office. The hope is that they are going to be stopped or questioned on the way there. Once at the office the security team member will give the principal a report with everything that the campus needs to improve on. A few weeks later the process is repeated to see if there are any improvements.

For a full list of safety measures visit the FISD website:

While no plans are finalized for any changes or additions yet, the council will meet periodically throughout the next year to address students ideas and overall improve the safety of all campuses.