Everything You Need To Know About Homecoming

Matheus Robinson, Cen10 News Reporter

It’s Homecoming season at Centennial High School, and this year it’s more different than it has been in the last four years; It is almost a month earlier, the game will not be against a frisco team, and the race for Homecoming Court is a close one this year. Here’s everything you need to know about Homecoming!


The Dance: This year the theme for the dance is Willy Wonka/Candy, I’m pretty interested to see how the Student Council will decorate the cafeteria to fit the theme. For Hoco Week the themes are:

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Twin Day (Match Outfits with a friend)

Wednesday- Jersey Day

Thursday- Titan Spirit Day

Friday- Decades day

This year the dance is a lot earlier this year, by almost a month. The dance being so early means that band kids can go to the dance as well.

“As a band kid, I know how much of a hassle it has been in the previous years to go to the dance so it’s cool knowing that we can go for sure.” An anonymous band member said in an interview about the earlier date. I suspect the number of people going to the dance will be much higher this year due to the free band kids.


The Game: The Homecoming game is gonna be on September 26th at Memorial Stadium against The Colony. 


The Royal Court: The list for Homecoming Court has been brought down to a few choices, here are the finalists:

Freshmen Prince

  1. Vasant Balamraju
  2. Jack Cloyd
  3. Tyler Keeton

Freshmen Princess

  1. Jade Hernandez
  2. Madison Rushin
  3. Bella Whitehair

Sophomore Prince

  1. Josh Ballantyne
  2. Bryce Ortiz
  3. Caden Young

Sophomore Princess

  1. Isabella Carrillo
  2. Emily Doncer
  3. Kirsten Woods

Junior Prince

  1. Brydn Abraham
  2. Yash Arcot
  3. Jalen Sledge

Junior Princess

  1. Kobi LaCour
  2. Emma Morrison
  3. Sarah Steele

Senior King

  1. Eric Jorgensen
  2. Derek Natali
  3. Thomas Singler

Senior Queen

  1. Lauren Haydon
  2. Lisa Kan
  3. Anisha Zaman

“The class of 2020 has never had a female band member win homecoming court, so hopefully I can change that,” said Queen nominee Anisha Zaman in an interview. 

The Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior winners will be announced at the pep rally, and the Senior King and Queen will be announced at the football game, so be sure to come out to see if the people you voted for win!