High School #11 Set for 2021 Opening

FISD rendering of Emerson High School

FISD rendering of Emerson High School

Frisco ISD has continued with their plans for the 11th high school in the district, which is currently being built in McKinney, near the Collin-McKinney Parkway and Stacy Road. The school is to be named Emerson High School, derived from the original name for Frisco.

The land that would eventually become Frisco was purchased in 1902 from a farm owner in McKinney named Francis Emerson, which gave Frisco its previous name. In the same year, the St. Louis to San Francisco Railway was being built through the Emerson area. Emerson’s status as the name of the area didn’t last long, as the settlement that sprouted from a train stop on the land began to grow in size. An application was sent for a post office in the town Emerson, but it was denied due to there already being similarly-named town called Emberson, Texas. Eventually they decided on the name Frisco, shorthand for San Francisco, on May 15, 1902.

FISD will draw the attendance zones in 2020 to prepare for Emerson High School’s Fall 2021 opening.