Why Cancel Culture Should be Cancelled


Magnus Mueller

Phone displaying a variety of different commonly used social media apps.

With the ongoing rise of social media and similar social platforms, the world has seen the rise of many trends, some harmful and some not. One of these harmful trends include the trend that has grown over the last couple of years called cancel culture. According to Miami Herald, cancel culture is defined as the popular practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Although this practice may seem acceptable at first, it actually gives rise to a highly toxic and harmful environment, which is why cancel culture should be eliminated.

The problem with cancel culture is that people quickly form opinions and work to withdraw support or “cancel” public figures after one instance that they might not know much about. This is exactly why this culture is so harmful, as it often creates a highly toxic environment. Cancel culture is a truly toxic phenomenon. It creates a space that can often be destructive and unsafe for those whom the public is against.

It is also important to remember that the public often does not have all of the information. With cancel culture, people are quick to bash those who they think have done wrong, even when it might be uncalled for as they do not know exactly what happened. The online shaming that is a part of cancel culture can even arise from the smallest of suspicions and cause a spiral of damage for the person who is suspected.

As humans, everyone makes mistakes, and it is unfair to ruin the rest of someone’s life for one mistake that they might have made.  According to The Medium, cancel culture is toxic for our mental health because it doesn’t allow us to be human and make mistakes as well as learning how to give people 2nd chances and forgive them. This culture takes a small part of a person’s life and alters their present and future due to what they might have done in the past, leaving no room for personal growth.

Looking from a different perspective, some might say that cancel culture calls attention to and helps people realize their mistakes. However, the way that cancel culture is now, more than simply helping people grow, it bashes and draws hate to them which at times may be unnecessary. It is hard to correct your mistakes and grow when you are receiving so much hate and attention.

However, some people still believe that cancel culture is still very quick and effective. But although cancel culture might seem quick and effective at first, its effects for the people involved are often long-term and harmful. It is very hard for someone to bounce back from the impacts of being cancelled even though they may have learned their mistake.

Even though cancel culture may seem like it draws light to people’s mistakes quickly, the true issue goes much further than that. This culture has so many negative effects which make it hard for a person to truly understand their mistakes and grow as a person. Instead of creating a toxic environment full of hate, people should work towards educating the people which may have done something offensive or harmful, as this way they will learn from the experience and understand why they were wrong. It is therefore safe to say that the only thing that should be cancelled is cancel culture itself.