How To Deal With Family Members During A Pandemic?


Ketut Subiyanto

Mother smiling at child

Spending weeks to months in isolation indoors with the same few people can become hectic for several reasons. To name a few,


  1. You long for social interaction with others
  2. You may feel physically weak due to limited exposure to sunlight
  3. You understand how annoying your family members can get


Your family may not be taking the pandemic seriously or keep getting into petty arguments that hurt each other’s feelings. So, how DO you overcome this?


  1. LEAVE. Whenever the situation gets hot, leave the place you’re currently at and go somewhere else, like your room. Arguing in the  moment will only lead to speaking from an ego and wanting to be right, instead of working towards a solution. This will also allot you time to work through your feelings and not say/do something that causes harm to another.
  2. TRY TO UNDERSTAND. After you’ve taken time to cool off, you’ll be able to think about the problem more logically. You’ll also have to understand that your family members don’t hate you, they’re just as frustrated at the current state of this world as you are. Perhaps they could be going through something (lost a job, know someone that got sick, etc.) and accidentally project their emotions onto you. Everyone has emotional outbursts sometimes, but if these are regular and turn abusive, turn to someone you trust or a professional for guidance.
  3. COMMUNICATE. Once you’re done working through your feelings and have had time to think, you should go talk to your family members about how the incident made you feel, and allow them to speak too. Such communication will not only help you collectively come to a solution, but will also strengthen your bond with them.
  4. IF THAT DOESN’T WORK If your family members aren’t willing to understand your side and expect a lot from you, it’s best to distance yourself from them for a while. In such a situation, it’s best to redirect your energy to things that are worth your time and add meaning to your life (eg- assignments, competitions, hobbies, fun projects). Yes, you do care about them and want what’s best for them; but if they keep rejecting what you have to offer, your efforts will go to waste and you will exhaust yourself.


It’s important for you to be supportive of those you love, but also protect yourself and be cautious of what information you consume during such a time as it can impact your health and outside relationships too.