Bringing the Hype for Homecoming!


Wendy Wei

People in the crowd cheering and yelling at a concert

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Homecoming week is a tradition many of us look forward to: with the exciting dance, football game, and of course, spirit week! This year, it was held on the week of October 11th, and our student-chosen theme was none other than Lights, Camera, Action. With all the time the pandemic gave us to rewatch all our favorites, this movie-based theme couldn’t have been better!

The themes for the week go as follows:

  • Monday: “The Wizard of Oz” – staying at home
  • Tuesday: “The Breakfast Club” – wear pajamas
  • Wednesday: “Mamma Mia” – dress in tourist attire
  • Thursday: “Avengers Assemble” – dress like your favorite superhero
  • Friday: “Friday Night Lights” – wear mums/garters and CHS spirit wear

“It’s fun because everyone’s dressing up during the week and building up their spirits for the game on Friday,” senior Reagan Brandenburg says. 

With the football game against Independence HS on Friday and the homecoming dance on Saturday, the week was filled with entertaining school events. Many Centennial students dressed up throughout the school week to show their spirit, and there was a variety of unique clothing, with some people even wearing full-out costumes! 

“My favorite dress-up day was probably the tourist day,” sophomore Rasikapriya Krishna explains. “Wearing leis was super fun and seeing everyone so excited to dress up colorfully and take pictures was great!” 

Homecoming spirit week allows us as students to have fun together through the dress-up days with something not class-related. We also build school spirit and get more involved in our school’s activities, such as football games. Essentially, homecoming week is the perfect opportunity for school to be larger than just our curriculum. 

“I think dressing up like this shows that we’re not just here for 90-minute classes… that we’re a part of a bigger community,” Mr. Chamberlain, one of the final four nominees for homecoming king, emphasizes.