A Titan UIL!

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- These past few weeks, several Centennial Titans have decided to participate in UIL. UIL (University Interscholastic League) is an organization which provides athletic, musical, and academic contests for primary and secondary schools in Texas.
UIL offers a variety of different events in a number of different fields, such as sports, music, journalism, computer science, debate, and several others. Many of our very own Titans excelled in the UIL events which took place this past month and are now on their way to the regional competition.
“The thing that got me interested in UIL was the fact that I get to learn about the English language and learn a lot more about something I am interested in. For me, I am interested in spelling and vocabulary,” Vignesh Anand, a Centennial junior who placed first in his UIL event of Spelling and Vocabulary, shares.
Not only does UIL aid students in pursuing their interests, it gives them an opportunity to participate in endeavors which they are not able to in school.
“There arent a lot of opportunities and extracurricular activities for spelling and vocabulary so Academic UIL lets me participate in this,” Anand explains.
Through UIL, our Titans also had the opportunity to strengthen their teamwork skills.
“My favorite part [of UIL] was sight reading because we get to learn and sing a new piece together, and going through the process is pretty fun,“ Uswa Saeed, a Centennial junior who particated in choir UIL this year, states.
UIL also gives Titans a fun way to be able to advance their skills.
“UIL.. is a great opportunity to get our singing evaluated so we can improve,” Saeed reveals.
Overall, UIL has provided Titans with an amazing opportunity to be able to participate in the events which they are personally passionate about. Centennial is so proud of all of its students who are advancing in their respective UIL events, and we wish everyone the best for regionals!