Meeting Next Year’s School Leaders

Medha Shah, Reporter

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- As the year wraps up, many organizations set the foundations for the next school year. This process includes electing new officers to carry on the torch of leadership to represent their organization and team next year. For Student Council, it means new officers will represent their entire school and grade and be voted for their position by the student body. This position can be a huge responsibility to step up for, so the candidates are appreciated well.  As elections for new officers have come and gone, it’s time to meet one of these new officers and find out the results of this year’s elections. 

One of the new officers is Sophomore Vice President Sanjana Nuti, who is excited about her role in influencing school events next year. She primarily wants to focus on the events next year and create opportunities for students to interact with each other.

  “I’m passionate [about being an officer] because I want to be more involved with (like) creating events and making something for the whole school,” said Nuti. 

Her reason for running for Sophomore Vice President is to make more events catered to the fine arts students. She is especially interested in creating new opportunities that allow more fine art groups to interact with each other. Events in the past have brought multiple fine arts organizations to work together; for example, musicals like “Oklahoma” and collaborations like The Music and Art Walk (a public event where orchestra groups play songs in ensembles with Art’s pieces on the walls) have been huge successes. 

   “For fine arts, I wanted to do maybe a fine arts pep rally. I also wanted to do something similar to the Music and Art Walk, but like two different music groups performing together,” she said.

         While it’s nice to have ideas, methods to implement them are also needed. The skills and experience Nuti brings to her Student Council team highlight how she will be able to contribute next year. 

 “I’m involved in a lot of art-related activities, and because of that, I have a good idea of how to design the format and know the Principles of Design,” Nuti said. “This also translates into events when you design them with aesthetics and how they’re set up. Like for HOCO, decorating the cafeteria and making sure it fits an aesthetic.”

She’d like to help improve the organization of events-specifically Deck the Halls. That is an event for Student Council members in which they decorate the glass doors and windows in the hallways of the school. 

“To improve Deck the Halls, I was thinking about organizing it more clearly and making sure there were enough materials to finish in the allotted time. A big part of what wastes time is getting materials. If we have a basic outline of the design for the hallway, I feel that would be a lot more efficient.”

In addition to Nuti, many other officers are joining us next year. The image linked below has all the results of the officer elections. Be sure to appreciate their hard work and get to know them as next year progresses. Just as organizations establish themselves for next year, be ready for the year ahead- whether another year as a high schooler or your first year in college.