The Final “Ha!”

What legacy will Centennial’s seniors leave behind?


Titan Pride

Aliyah Machahilas, Reporter

While some may be too cool for school and its high school traditions, a tradition that is almost never overlooked is a solid senior prank. It’s a last chance to leave behind a mark, a legacy, for a graduating class. Among other traditions such as the Senior bonfire and the Senior Prom, a Senior prank can ignite class unity for one last “HA!”

Years past has brought to the halls of Centennial High School goldfish in the school toilets, a mass harlem shake, “toile-trees” and many more.

However, last year’s class of 14’ chose to pave the way to start a new tradition.

“It was such a sweet gesture,” says Frisco Centennial senior Brandon Anderson, “It certainly raised the bar for following graduating classes.”

Paying it forward seemed to be the start of a new tradition that took teachers and students by surprise. As a class, Centennial seniors decided to together put money towards a good cause.

Their initial decision was to donate the money raised to a family in need in the Frisco area. Students quickly decided to give the money to a fellow classmate when they found out her family was in a bit of a bind when medical bills started to pile up for her dad who was diagnosed with cancer. The money was then delivered as a surprise.

Although present Centennial students viewed this gesture as sweet, no plans for an a second annual “paying it forward” is in the makings.

“We can’t tell you what we’re doing, it’s a senior privilege,” rants Centennial senior Chelsea McCormick, “What I can tell you is that we’re going out with a bang.”

As most traditions are hard to break away from, senior pranks seem to be in full swing this year.

Prank responsibly, Titans.