Titan Smoothie Factory


Brodie Williams

Smoothie Entry for the class competition.

Brodie Williams

On Friday, February 19th, Intro to Culinary here at CHS allowed a selected few students and teachers into their class for a special event. All of the students in Culinary were instructed to make an original smoothie, including a name and a special flavor of their choosing.

The smoothies were presented in color coordinated trays to the guests. These trays contained several 6oz. cups filled with the teams special smoothie creations. All smoothies required: an original name, the health stats of the smoothie, including calorie count, grams of fat, sodium, fiber, and protein, and a personalized poster for the smoothie.

The students came up with their original flavors the class before and then had a test run in making the smoothie just before they were told to make the final batch that would be presented to the judges. As the judges came into the room they were instructed to try every flavor of smoothie and then write which one they liked best on a piece of paper. This piece of paper would then be put into the ballot of votes. At the end of class the results would then be released to the students letting them know if they won or not.

I was personally allowed to come and experience the smoothies created by the students. They showed me how they prepared the smoothies by adding things into the mix like coconut water and ice cream in order to give it more flavor. The amount of fruit available to the  students allowed them to make their smoothies very unique and tasteful. There was even some out of the ordinary flavors that had a big impact on the judges. “A Touch of Green” was the first strange flavor that came out of the 3B class. This smoothie included Kale which was a strange twist on the ordinary smoothies. On the table right next to ” A Touch of Green”, was “Orange Dreamsicle.” This group tried to recreate the flavor of an orange creamsicle in a smoothie, and in my opinion did a very nice job. That is exactly why they got my vote.

Overall I was very impressed with the diverse selection of smoothie presented in the class, and I hope that I will be able to participate in something else like this again, soon. Thank you to Mrs. Hooten and the students of Intro to Culinary for putting on this delectable presentation for the school.