Helpful Tips For Used Car Buying

Helpful Tips For Used Car Buying

Conner Donisi, Cen10 News Reporter

Many students that can drive have a car have one they can call theirs, or have access to one that they’re allowed to drive.

But what about those that don’t have a car and are looking for one? There are very many different elements to used car buying and it may seem scary because you don’t know a lot about what you should be looking for. Most of you know to make sure the car works, make sure you can afford the car and insurance, but do you really know what to watch out for?

First things first you do need to make sure you can afford whatever car you are wishing to buy and the insurance that comes along with it. You need to be sure your insurance offers some type of a discount for new teen drivers because it can get pretty expensive to add a teenager to an insurance plan.

Next you need to make sure the car works 100% and there is no doubt in mind that it will not break down on you and there is not anything suspicious with it that could be harmful to you/your car later down the road. There should not be any warning lights that come on and everything should run properly as it should. Also you should have the person that is selling you the car to go get it inspected so that if there is something wrong, you don’t have to go out and spend more money to fix it.

Finally you need to make sure that you fully trust the place you are getting your car from and believe you are getting the best deal you can possibly get.