Captain America Civil War: Movie Review

Micah Crayton, Cen10 News Reporter

The verdict is in. This movie is a winner. With earning $673.1M worldwide, this movie is a true masterpiece that displays the struggle and triumph in our great nation.

Captain America Civil War is the  third movie in the the Marvel Superhero Saga telling  the story of the hero that will do anything for the greater good of others. In this newest addition to the series, the Avengers, (a group of other superheroes that fight along with Captain America) have saved the world once again.

Yet, after they accidentally injure and kill innocent civilians they become the world turns against them. To add  to the confusion, a old  hero emerges and causes even more chaos.

Now, the United Nations want to regulate the team of superheroes and cause our heroes start to butt heads which with each other. All this leads to the best superhero movie of the summer!