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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Behind The Scenes: CHS Homecoming 2023


FRISCO, TEXAS — Homecoming is a big deal in Texas, and everything that goes into it takes time, money, and support from the staff and student body at Centennial High School, specifically Student Council.

This year, Jamie Gillespie, teacher head of the Student Council and ASL teacher here at Centennial, who knows first hand about the homecoming dance and everything surrounding it, spoke about the process in putting the dance together. 

This year, the theme is Starry Night, a new theme we haven’t seen on campus.

“Student Council officers made a list of themes and narrowed it down, and then we sent out a survey sometime last year, Starry Night received around 50% of total votes,” she said. 

The Student Council takes responsibility for planning, setting up, and putting on the dance every year, and there’s a lot that goes into it. 

“We make sure that the school is reserved for the date of the dance because we find out a year prior when it will be. We reserve a DJ, buy decorations, plan out weekly dress up themes, vote on and approve them, posters for the dance, ticket sales, and make sure people know how to buy them,” Mrs.Gillespie said.

“We also let students know when prices change, make sure everybody is aware of the guest form, and we encourage help from general members of STUCO,” she added. 

The Student Council has high expectations for homecoming every year, and this year is not any different, especially with the cost.

“I hope that ticket sales are just as successful as last year, where we sold out and then sold past our original cap of 500, the DJ alone last year was $5,000, and then Kona Ice is also coming back, as well as the balloon lady who was 1200 last year,” she said. 

Homecoming is earlier than it has been in a while, as homecoming 2022 was October 1st and homecoming 2021 was October 16th. Students have  expressed confusion over the change in timeline. 

“It has to do with the district. In April or May the district gave Coach Webb two possible dates for homecoming, and we always try to do it when the band is not in contest season, although they do have a competition this year on the day off the dance,” Mrs.Gillespie explained. 

The day of the dance is busy for many students and staff. Students get together for dinner and photos, student council get together to set up the cafeteria, and staff get ready to supervise the dance.

“On the day, all of the officers and I get here at 8 A.M., clear the tables, set out chairs, put up the decorations we can do, and get the concessions ready for kona ice,” she said. 

“We also set up tables for check in; the DJ gets here at 3 P.M., and they start setting up, last year the balloon lady came and it took her quite a few hours to get everything set up, she does the light-up letters as well, we are there all day and then the kids can go home and get ready,” she added. 

There is no party planning without stress, especially when one group of people is putting together an event that, like last year, can host over half a thousand people.

“Everything, just making sure we have the DJ, decorations, and that everything will come out okay, it always does, but you never know,” Mrs.Gillespie laughed. 

When asked if there was anything she would like to add, Mrs.Gillespie expressed her feelings about the dance. 

“It’s not ‘cringe’, It’s not like middle school dances. Homecoming is fun and it’s a good high school experience. There’s a lot of prep work that goes into it but at the end of the day it is enjoyable to see the kids having a good time,” she said. 

Homecoming is every year, and it is a chance to socialize and have fun. Homecoming is September 23rd this year, at Centennial High School, it starts at 8 P.M. and ends at 11 P.M.

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