Cars and Coffee


Zach Jarrett, Cen10 News Reporter

Cars and coffee began in Huntington Beach, California in the 80’s, when a couple guys got together to show off their cars, and then it turned into a monthly thing. It started growing more and more through the U.S. to where its nation wide.

Just recently, Dallas started its own cars and coffee at Classic BMW Dealership Plano. There are a variety of cars, from Mustangs to Mclarens. There are so many cars, it takes up the parking lots surrounding the dealership, and there are thousands of people that go. There are also many activities to do, they have music, venders, and sometimes have giveaways from some of the sponsors.

It’s open to all ages and all cars and if you can get there early enough, you can put your car into the event.

The meets are every first Saturday of each month at 7 am. So if you’re interested in cars, come check it out!

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