New Year, New Principal


Ashley Hilton and Sorna Taghizadeh

Losing Mr. Spain as our beloved principal is something that left us heartbroken, but it was time for a change and Dr. Maphies is doing a wonderful job in her new position. We spoke to her about what it was like to make this transition.

Dr. Maphies talks about how she doesn’t really get to see the kids as much as she used to, but still seeks them out because “they’re her motivation.”

She enjoys challenging herself and describes how “this job definitely keeps her on her toes.” She is not one to keep the “status quo.”

Her vision of the school has expanded to “how things impact the whole school, how things impact all of our students or all our teachers.” She goes on to explain that it is now “2400 students instead of the 500 that she interacted with before.”

We asked her if there was any changes that she would like to make in order to improve the campus. She replied with, “Anything that would change would just be my personality, not because we need to change anything in this building.”
Our campus has readily accepted Dr. Maphies to her new position and we are excited for what the school year has in store.