GAWVI’s New Song of the Summer

GAWVI’s new single, “Closer” to top the charts

Emma Bittner, Co Editor-in-Chief

Songs of the summer are nothing of the past, however what about songs of the spring?

American Hip-Hop artist and music producer, GAWVI, formerly known as G-Styles, recently released his new song “Closer” that will be featured on his upcoming album, We Belong, that is being released March 31.

To many, “Closer” seems to be a familiar tune. As a cross between pop and EDM, “Closer” mimics styles used by Calvin Harris and the Weekend.  Easily, GAWVI’s new hit can become one of the songs of the summer or one of 2017 top songs.

The song starts out slowly with instrumentals and the vocals of Robbie Lee & Julissa Leilani. Gradually, as GAWVI enters the song, the tempo begins to pick up speed and the song becomes upbeat. As the song progresses, the chorus and following chords are repeated to make the song catchy and one that is sung along with out loud.

The catchy song reminds us of warm nights driving with the windows down and summer flings and as we approach spring break, this song will no doubt be played during late night adventures and road trips.

This is not GAWVI’s first album, however, it is his first album of 2017. This new album We Belong has 14 tracks in total and has a very personal aspect to it. GAWVI goes into detail, talking about how he has a deep connection with each song, with a detailed story behind the tracks.

As spring begins and summer is quickly approaching, it’s clear that GAWVI’s single will be at the top of the charts, a song of the summer.