Is There Something More to Community Service?


Michelle Ott

Getting involved. Student volunteers help at a recent community event, B1 Suicide prevention.

Emily Walker, Cen10 News Reporter

To a high school student community service may just be one more box to check off when thinking about graduation, but being evolved with the community build interest, organizational, and leadership skills as well. Service has the power to not only help the lives of others but also greatly impact the life of the student.

“It’s not always about required hours or applying to college, it’s about fostering passion and letting students discover what they might want to do later in life.” Michelle Ott, CHS counselor, said.

Colleges want to see well-rounded students, but what about a well rounded life? By finding opportunities that fit a person’s interest it exposes them to new experiences a can help grow in the things they are passionate about while also helping the community.

“My hope is, with so many volunteer opportunities, students can really find their passion,” Ott said. “Once a student volunteers for something specific they can find out what they want to do after high school or even for a college degree.”

Engaging with the community and serving others exposes a person to not only new experiences but also builds character by teaching students about compassion and understanding, skills that are necessary both now and later in life.

It is important to look beyond just the number of hours and see community service as an avenue to explore and express interest while also benefiting those in need.

“Volunteering helps you broaden your horizons and think outside of yourself,” Ott said.