Taylor Swift’s Reputation


Anisha Zaman, Cen10 News Reporter

Taylor Swift, ten time Grammy award winning singer-songwriter has released her much anticipated sixth studio album, Reputation. The album is very different from her country roots, and furthermore reflects her new, more pop style of music introduced in Red and carried out in 1989. The track list goes as follows:

1- …Ready For It? (Single)

2- End Game (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future)

3- I Did Something Bad

4- Don’t Blame Me

5- Delicate

6- Look What You Made Me Do (Single)

7- So It Goes…

8- Gorgeous (Single)

9- Getaway Car

10- King Of My Heart

11- Dancing With Our Hands Tied

12- Dress

13- This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

14- Call It What You Want

15- New Year’s Day

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do” was the first single off of the new album, initially releasing in August. Its release shocked the Internet, due its drastically different nature.

The song opens with a very magical, ominous vibe setting the tone for perhaps a soft and melodious song. A hard beat kicks in a few seconds later, accompanied by Swift singing. The first verse was great; the lyrics were clever, and the pre-chorus was frighteningly catchy. It had an abundance of potential, and seemed to be building up to an amazing chorus, but the chorus just fell short.The chorus didn’t have any rhythm, and was a letdown after such a great build-up.

It was almost the same case with the second verse. However, the bridge somewhat made up for it. The mystical vibe from the beginning of the song returns, and the repetition of “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me; I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams,” is a nice touch. The song ends with the chorus. Initially hearing it, I did not enjoy it at all, but specific parts have grown on me. I would give the song a 6/10. 

Ready For It

Ready For It,” although clearly still a reflection of her new style, is reminiscent of Swift’s old lyrical manner in the chorus. The song opens fiercely, very different from the beginning of “Look What You Made Me Do,” but as the first verse continues on, the sound parallels LWYMMD.

However, Swift should receive loads of praise for her lyrics; they are very creative and thought provoking. The chorus is great. It’s melodic and the music complements the lyrics perfectly. The chorus is followed by a beat drop, which I initially thought was unnecessary. At first listen, it almost ruined the song, but as the song progresses, the purpose of the drop is revealed.

The repetition of the bridge mirrors “Look What You Made Me Do,” but sounds pleasing to the ear.

The final chorus combines the harsh beat drop and the soft tune of the chorus, and is absolutely splendid. It was a great way to end the song. Overall, the song was mostly enjoyable. I would give the song a 7.5/10.


Gorgeous” is a very narrative song. What stands out the most is the lyrics, rather than the music. The song is about Swift crushing on someone who is out of her league, a stark contrast from the themes of the first two singles. Initially, it sounded like a track off of 1989 rather than Reputation, and the lyrics sound like she’s writing a letter to the person she’s speaking of. It’s very soft, but electronic at the same time. Although the lyrics are very distinguishable, they aren’t very clever and are almost tacky, but I enjoyed the honesty.

The chorus is interesting; it sounds like a 2008 pop chart topper. The bridge is simple and catchy. The last chorus is phenomenal, and the song goes out with a bang. This was the best song out of the singles, and should receive a 9/10.