Titans Excelling at the National Level

Every year, Juniors all around the country take the PSAT, a test to determine the academic readiness of students before they take the SAT. Colleges and recognition programs watch scores to promote and give scholarships to the highest-scoring students. The most prestigious of these is the National Merit Scholarship Program. The program selects the top 1% of the nation and commends them publicly for colleges and universities to see. This year, eleven Titans moved into the semi-finals, more than Centennial has ever had before.


The semi-finalists are:

Jack Couture

Ketaki Devani

Anushka Gupta

Anisha Holla

Saee Joshi

Lisa Kan

Esha Kanna

Alex Kim

Joshua Ni 

Hamza Suhail

Prazul Wokhlu


“Being a finalist looks awesome on not just college applications, but job resumes and internships as well,” Assistant Principal Clint Cypert commented about the program. He’s not wrong either. Colleges will offer a lot to the finalists to get them going to their school. For example, Baylor gives “Full tuition, augmented by SAT/ACT score ($179,368 – $187,368),” TAMU offers “$42,000 for residents, approximately $100,000 for non-residents due to out-of-state tuition waiver,” and UTD gives “Full tuition/fees, $50,000 in stipends to cover other costs and study abroad, guaranteed admission to honors program ($101,000 for residents, $187,000 for non-residents),” It is clear that this is a big deal.

To move on to finals, students have to fill out an online application, as well as write an essay. After it is reviewed, applicants will be selected to become finalists. Of around 16,000 people semifinalists, 7,500 students will be finalists. 

“I took the PSAT with the intention of getting the National Merit scholarship.” Semi-finalist Joshua Ni stated. He prepared for it by getting as familiar with the test as possible, even taking an SAT Sophomore year. Talking to other semi-finalists, it seems that being familiar with the test is very helpful. Also, mental toughness is required. 

“I walked into the room with confidence,” Senior Prazul Wokhlu recalls on the day he took the PSAT. 

Some students have prepared with the help of KD College Prep as well. Senior Lisa Kan describes the relief knowing that all of the “hours spent at KD meant something.” Parents also play a role in the success of students. A common trend of parents that are both supportive yet always pushing their kids to succeed is seen with most of the semi-finalists from Centennial. 

No matter how they got to this point, it is impressive. If you see any of these people in the hallway, go ahead and congratulate them for being some of the few kids in the country to be selected for this. Results for finalists will be decided in February. Good luck to all the Titans excelling at the national level!