College and Career Counselor Poses Opportunity for Necessary College Resources at Centennial


Sofia Barnett, Cen10 News Reporter

With Early Decision college application deadlines looming heavily over the heads of many seniors, Centennial High School introduces a new resource: Charlene Marshall, Centennial’s first ever College and Career Counselor. 

Mrs. Marshall can be found on the CHS campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, splitting her time between Centennial and Collin College. Marshall acts as a guide for selecting majors fit for specific students and their acquired skill sets, searching for applicable financial aid, and fabricating extensive resumes and essays with students in need of assistance. 

“The purpose of my position as the College & Career Counselor here at Centennial High School is to help students with the college & career exploration process,” Marshall explainedwhen questioned in regards to her position in the guidance sect of Centennial. 

Students are more than welcome to make an appointment to speak with Marshall via email correspondence with their assigned counselor and Marshall strongly encourages students from all grade levels to meet with her to discuss their advancement on the path to success.

On the topic of her abilities to provide assistance, Marshall reflects on the availability of abundant career assessments and student strength oriented discoveries coinciding with different majors. Additionally, in the case of absolute blindness in the means of college pursuits, Marshall helps guide these lost students onto a strict course of self preparation and betterment to give them a much needed push in the right direction. 

While Frisco generally tends to be recognized as a more wealthy district of Texas, it does not go unknown that many families still struggle with financial issues and lower levels of privilege compared to the vast upper majority. To combat these not-so-uncommon economic conditions, Marshall also offers guidance in the process of applying for grants, scholarships and other eligible opportunities for financial aid.

FAFSA and scholarship assistance are other factors I am able to work with,” Marshall states in the means of collaborating with students in order to best meet their financial needs and maximize their likelihood for success. 

With application due dates right around the corner, Marshall urges students to make an appointment and swing by Room 1224. After all, that dream college won’t start its application itself.