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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

Centennial’s Homecoming Game: A Mum-entous Occasion!

Sun sets over Kuykendall stadium as Centennial’s homecoming game begins.

Homecoming is a tradition that has persisted and evolved since 1911, when the University of Missouri claims to have hosted the first annual reunion game, encouraging alumni to “come home.” (Mizzou Alumni Association) Since then, homecoming has become a staple across the country at not only universities, but also at high schools. 


This year, the Centennial High School football team faced the Heritage High School Coyotes at the Kuykendall stadium in Frisco, Texas on September 22nd, 2023. Despite scoring 24 points, the mighty Titans were defeated, but the student section was rooting for the team every step of the way.


The student section was substantially more full than previous games and the energy was palpable. The entire section stayed on their feet the entire game, the ground rumbling every time the team scored.


People filled up two sections of the stadium, shouting encouragement and cheering for big plays. Finding a space to stand was a difficult task, senior Helena Heppe commented: “It was so packed, I couldn’t believe it!”


A notable feature of the homecoming game was the announcement of the senior homecoming court. This year, Hope Elliott won homecoming queen and Shishir Gomatham won homecoming king. 


King Shishir shared “as a senior in high school who has been nominated before, I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to be nominated again and also win.”


Queen Hope said “I love Centennial and only hope for the best for the school, so with the outcome of winning, I felt the love back and I will forever be grateful for Centennial and the opportunities it has given me to succeed in the future”


In the spirit of homecoming, students wore their mums, a Texas tradition involving a large arrangement of flowers, bells, ribbons, boas, and more, designed to be worn around the neck. 


“The feathers flying in the air was like a Harry Styles concert, it was so cool!” shares senior Helena Heppe. 


While the excitement and anticipation of football may have dominated the student section at the beginning of the game, it’s important not to overlook the stunning halftime show put on by Centennial’s band, colorguard, and drill team.


Our drill team, the Centennial Sweethearts, debuted their new field performance at the homecoming game. “Homecoming is extra fun because we get to go all out and feel the energy from the student section!” explains Sweetheart of the Week London White.


Win or lose, the energy from the game carries on afterwards, with people all gathering at In-N-Out to socialize, discuss the game, and enjoy each other’s company. For some people, it’s the highlight of their night.


“I prefer getting food with my friends after the game, it’s just as important as the game itself.” says senior, Alyssa Mcpherson.


The timeless tradition of homecoming is one full of spirit and community, bringing together a past and present student body. This year’s homecoming game was one for the books, and the tradition is sure to continue.

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